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Gabrielle St. Evensen is the stage name for L. Gabrielle Penabaz, an interdisciplinary artist, living in New York City, traveling often as a performer, writer, show-host, filmmaker, and bilingual Voiceover talent. Gabrielle voices many spots for The City of New York's public service TV campaigns, DeVry, Sotheby's, corporate industrials and videogames.

It started with rock bands, most notably the project "St. Eve", where the addition of video and performance art kickstarted different aspects of her career. Now she produces, directs and edits video and audio for a variety of clients. Her songs continue to sell on digital outlets and have appeared in a number of films and television shows. Gabrielle is also a producer and host of NYC variety shows and events, most recently, Radical Vaudeville.

Her underground parties on both US coasts became infamous for unusual themes, conversation-inducing performances, lovingly-made absinthe and draconian door policies.   This work has been spotlighted in various publications and even in her MOTH podcast on the subject of modern bootlegging. 

She collaborates with performers and producers on a regular basis. Examples include her audio installation “The Seven Gates” produced by Sarina Basta, now in MoCA Tucson’s permanent collection; director of photography for Mike Smith/Mike Kelley's "A Voyage of Growth and Discovery" for NY PS1 and West of Rome Gallery; and she is a creating citizen of the NSK State. 

She has garnered acclaim for her performance art piece 'Til Death Do You Part-MARRY YOURSELF! in which she marries people to themselves (usually after a brief but refreshing exorcism). By 2016 the "encouraging priestess" has married over 1500 people to themselves and has many of the signed releases from the photos to prove it from around the world. Her successful production, Sex Crimes Cabaret, is a live rock-n-roll cinematic show about civil sex laws through history and the current wtf that our culture steadily manifests.  Her radio show, Eccentric Ear, airs new episodes every Saturday on Radio Free Brooklyn.

Radical Vaudeville - Adrian Buckmaster
Other photos - Ted D'Ottavio